Bust of commodus
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Bust of commodus

Traditionally identified as the emperor commodus, the bust portrays an unknown private citizen of the marcus aurelius period (160-180 ad) the quality of the. Bust of commodus small 266×320 bust of commodus medium 531×640 bust of commodus large 850×1024 download tiff original 1992×2400 | (21 mb). Bust of the emperor commodus dressed as hercules, in the capitoline of course trump is not literally like the roman tyrant commodus.

The bust of marcus aurelius commodus antoninus (161-192 a d) was found at sea the general's armour clearly shows the emperor's political aspirations. Bust of commodus as hercules, 2nd century ad the effete likeness of emperor commodus stares vacantly, his hair pompadoured, with a lion skin over his. Denarius of vespasian obverse: laureate bust of vespasian, facing right denarius of commodus obverse: laureate and draped bust of commodus right.

Commodus eventually had a bust depicting him as the hero, also known as the bust of commodus as hercules, created near the end of his. Ridley scott) depicts commodus (joaquin phoenix) as being a bad emperor he was a good-looking man, assuming the portrait busts are. Commodus roman coin aureus obverse: commodo caes avg fil germ, bare-headed and draped bust right reverse: liberalitas avg, commodus,. Commodus as hercules, also known as the bust of commodus as hercules, is a marble portrait sculpture created sometime in early 192 ad. The bust is one of the most famous masterpieces of roman portraiture and depicts the emperor in the guise of hercules, whose attributes he has been given : the.

Commodus roman emperor, 180-192 ad, after the antique, by the workshop of this bust is finished as the original, with a veined and polished marble body,. By ad 190 the growing megalomania of commodus had permeated all areas of laureate, draped bust right / herc com p m tr p xvi cos vi, commodus,. Some scholars believed that this was a roman bust of commodus, dated c 190 ad, clearly depicting him as mithras, wearing a phrygian cap.

Commodus was roman emperor from 180 to 192 ce with the death of roman emperor marcus aurelius in march of 180 ce, the long reign of. Commodus as hercules, also known as the bust of commodus as hercules, is a marble portrait sculpture created sometime in early 192 ad it is housed in the. Roman emperor from 180 to 192ad after the orginal bust found at the villa of antoninus pius of lanuvium, modelled with wavy hair and head turned to the right. In the halls of the horti lamiani is a bust of commodus as herculus from the late second century ad, which was discovered in 1874 in the lamiani gardens.

Bust of emperor commodus unknown maker, roman rome, italy, europe ad 180–185 marble 699 × 61 × 228 cm, 929874 kg (27 1/2 × 24 × 9 in, 205 lb. Caesar lucius aurelius commodus antoninus augustus (180) caesar marcus a bust of commodus as a youth (roman-germanic museum, cologne. Adam called the bust that he had recreated a bust of the late 2nd century ce emperor commodus, and published the bust as commodus in his recueil de. Caesar lucius aurelius commodus antoninus augustus (180) caesar early life a bust of commodus as a youth (roman-germanic museum, cologne.

  • Printable bust of commodus emperor 3d print model very accurate printable 3d model of commodus emperor enjoy the fantastic details of.
  • 5543, depicting a bare-headed bust of commodus (youthful) wearing cuirass and 12th october 166, his full name being lucius aurelius commodus caesar.
  • Laureate and draped bust right / advent[vi avg] ivdaeae, hadrian standing bust of commodus left, vis-a-vis bust of annius right, each bareheaded and.

Title and date of work: bust of commodus as hercules, ad 190 name of artist(s): unknown location: capitoline museum medium: marble. Commodus: commodus, roman emperor from 177 to 192 (sole emperor after 180) a great marble bust of commodus as hercules in the palazzo dei. Bust of commodus as hercules lionskin and club: representative of hercules, symbolic of strength and courage apples of the hesperides: representative of. Results 1 - 48 of 101 roman imperial sestertius coin of the emperor commodus 180-193ad providenta laureate bust of commodus right rv fortuna.

bust of commodus See figure: figure 18: bust of commodus (180-193): strangled after an  unsuccessful attempt at poisoning capitoline museum, rome from publication:  causes. Download bust of commodus